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6th-Dec-2005 09:07 pm(no subject)
Hey hey hey!
So I hope everyone had a great weekend...I did! I enjoyed my last stress free weekend. Haha...I've been studying a lot for my finals and and stuff like that and just trying not to freak myself out. I have two on friday, one on monday and one on tuesday
well..I guess i'm gonna go later gators
1st-Dec-2005 04:34 am - cant sleep
Hey hey hey...well I am so frustrated right now... I definitely drank coffee wayyy too close to bed time and now I cannot sleep at all!! I've been up tossing and turning all night long. but yeah... well I'm gonna watch Roseanne and hopefully get some sleep...Glad I dont have classes tomorrow..well today
30th-Nov-2005 12:29 pm - blah
So i've been studying because al of my classes are having one last exam before finals next week...I lucked out though because I don't have any finals on Saturday...which to me is nice because i dont live on campus....So yeah...I hope everyones classes are going ok, and that everyone had a nice thanksgiving. Well...Later...
9th-Oct-2005 10:47 pm - Tybee Island!
This weekend I went to Tybee Island with my boyfriend and his family for his cousin's wedding. I left on Friday and drove 5 hours in the pouring rain...it was definitely wonderful...not! Once we got there, the weather was perfect! Oh but first we got stuck in a road block for no joke atleast 45 minutes when we got on the island. Then we went and picked up the key for the condo and then finally got there by 7 that night. Yes...7 hours in the car to Savannah...who woulda thought! Anyways...So it was so pretty the wedding was on the beach at the Lighthouse on Tybee. Then we went on a ghost tour of savannah, which was so much fun and very interesting! Then..We went to a Pirate Parade...haha I know...Because it was Pirate Fest on the island...wooo! haha But that was interesting too. But yeah, My fall break was a lot of fun! See ya'll tomorrow morning for some yummy breakfast! later gators
2nd-Oct-2005 08:49 pm - Computer Problems
So yeah...For the past two weeks I have had the worst Com[uter problems ever! I had to take my laptop back to the store get them to fix it and reload everything. After that, not even a day later the same problems I was having came back. SO...I took it back again. This time I sat with the people and I got them to download everything. It was all working and stuff, but then when I came back, we couldnt get my DSL to be compatible with my computer. so my dad thought he needed to turn off the modem and turn it back on, but when he did, it wouldn't hook up his laptop either. It was soo frustrating and it took forever to get it fixed. So yeah, definitely relieved my computer is working again and I have Internet Access. Since my laptop is like my life, I was more than relieved! haha! Anyways..Thats what's been up with me lately...So see everyone in class next Monday for some Yummy Breakfast! wooo! haha ok well later gators!
15th-Sep-2005 10:57 pm - Weekend
I hope everyone has a good weekend and had a good week! I have a biology exam tomorrow and Saturday I'm going to a concert. It's Craig Morgan and Joe Nichols! They're like my all time favorites! Then on Sunday I am going to visit my family thats in town from Ohio! Anyways! Hope to see you guys on Monday morning bright and early with Chuck! Later Gators
8th-Sep-2005 10:10 pm - Stressed!
So yeah...This as been an incredibly stressful week for me...I have so much I have to do and study for! I mean I know it's going to happen and stuff but it's just been crazy! So I have a Precalculus exam on Monday, as well as a Essay exam in world Civilization, and then on Firday I have an exam in Biology! Ahh!! Well Ihope everyone has an awesome weekend.
31st-Aug-2005 08:35 am - First Entry
Hey! I'm just posting my first entry! So yeah...Guess I'll talk to you later...
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